How Can An SEO Consultant Help Your Business Rank On Google?

If you haven’t started planning your marketing strategy and budget, you’re possibly losing out on opportunities to maximize sales and increase your revenue.

When it comes to online marketing, most small businesses and startups don’t know much other than the importance of setting an appealing website.

While looks always count, the overall functionality of our website and the impression it delivers on search engines matter even more.

For every business, being able to keep up with Google’s ever-changing algorithms is quite the challenge. This adds to the frustrations of any small business seeking to manage their marketing efforts on a budget, or a startup looking to spread the word about their business; before they run out of funding.

How Can An SEO Consultant Help You Rank On Google?

If you don't have the time and money to do your own SEO, For your site to rank amongst the first few results on Google, you need the knowledge and expertise of an SEO consultant.

Let’s admit it: You certainly don’t have the time to study and monitor SEO rules that govern the ranking of websites on search engine results. With the help of an SEO consultant you can perform an SEO Audit, optimize your website to better cater to your audience, improve your SEO strategy and become Google’s new favorite.

Here are some more specifics on why you need to team up with an awesome SEO consultant:

1. Site Audit Analyzing The Performance of Your Website

A reputable SEO consultant will help put together an in-depth audit for your site. Taking into consideration factors like the overall user experience, load speed of your site, mobile-friendliness, image optimization, competitive keyword analysis, and analysis of Google search console, Google analytics, canonicals, link building activity and more.

2. Keyword & Competitive Analysis

Within any given industry or geographic location, there are hundreds of businesses competing for the top spots on the first page of Google. An SEO consultant can help you gain insights on some of the best performing websites. In this way, you can develop a powerful SEO plan that targets the right keywords and can help you compete against other players.

3. Customized Content Marketing Strategy

High quality content is an incredibly important part of SEO. With the help on an SEO consultant, you can identify common problems faced by your customers and create a customized content marketing strategy that can not only help you rank higher on SERPs but also offer meaningful information to your customers.

4. Rank High With Local SEO

For small businesses, it is critical to show up as a local listing on search engines such as Google. An experienced local SEO consultant knows exactly how to optimize your site’s meta descriptions, and titles to help you take advantage of local SEO.

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